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15 Vintage Country Love Songs Which Can Be Ideal For Your Wedding

15 Vintage Country Love Songs Which Can Be Ideal For Your Wedding

I’m gonna be truthful to you (as most songs that are country). It took me personally quite a long time to produce this selection of country love songs which could work with a marriage (even longer me to sort through hundreds of songs for this list of 20 Unique Wedding Songs) than it took. It is perhaps not that there aren’t a huge amount of great nation love songs out there…there are! It’s exactly that they’re often about broken hearts, cheating spouses or no good guys, or–lets face it–about consuming method a lot of whiskey and beer. Lol. Maybe perhaps perhaps Not that that’s not romantic (the majority of the best love songs are about heartbreak) however for your dance that is first song want one thing having a little more hope! Lol.

We additionally attempted to slim these country wedding songs down towards the classics, plus in this instance songs that would be considered “vintage” which–gulp–any song that has been made twenty years ahead of today, to make certain that’s 1996. just How crazy is the fact that!! (If you’re in your 30’s like i’m, believe me. That seems crazy.)

So…here you choose to go! Without further ado, it is my range of the country wedding songs that are best for the very very first party. Write to us everything you consider them into the feedback area below!

P.S.: they are in no order that is particular.

1. Once you State Very Little by Keith Whatley, 1988

Alison Krauss also does an incredible address for this track, but I’m really a more impressive fan of Keith Whatley’s early in the day variation.

2. I Cross My Heart by George Strait, 1992

A commenter about this YouTube movie simply broke my heart. He published:

“I continued a romantic date tonight with a lady who I’m super into, we began kissing and also this track began playing, both of us started laughing as this ended up being only our second date, but if things get the way in which i believe they’ve been, this is our wedding track plus it’s likely to be perfect.”

Their update that is latest an individual asked him if it exercised?

“Sadly no, things didn’t work down it’s for the best!” #KeepOnKeepinOn between us, but

One time you’ll get to dancing for this track, Kevin Glaudel! ??

3. The Sweetest Thing by Juice Newton, 1981

This really is definitely an under-the-radar oldie if it is/was very first party wedding track inform us in the responses area, because you are awesome. that we guarantee you nearly no body could have as a first party wedding track (and)

4. In Spite of Ourselves by John Prine and Iris Dement, (er, 1999)

okay. I cheated by including this 1 about it!) since it’s 3 years after my “vintage cutoff” (compose a nation track, but John Prine is really a classic nation celebrity and I also desired to add this as it’s therefore not the same as other things with this list. It is admittedly an incredibly quirky option for a very first party track (along with to feel safe with words like “he’s got more balls than a huge metal monkey”) but there is something so attractive and sweet about any of it.

5. Love is Alive by The Judds, 1984

It had been a toss-up between this and “Mama He’s Crazy,” but this 1 simply brings inside my heartstrings and seems even more cinematic.

6. Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks, 1990

This track is just a little untraditional within the fact so it begins talking in regards to a past relationship…but the sweetness from it is we now have likely ALL been there and may relate…and on your own wedding time there’s (ideally) no other place you’d instead be (or individual you’d instead be with) as compared to person dance to you. I believe this track completely encapsulates that minute!

7. You Don’t Know Me Personally by Ray Charles, 1965

Yes, this is really considered a national nation track! Plus it really is actually my favorite track with this list. Ray Charles has such a great sound, plus the tempo with this song is good for a dance that is first.

8. If We required You by Don Williams and Emmylou Harris, 1981

Townes Van Zandt first circulated this song in 1972. While their variation can also be amazing, there’s simply one thing about Emmylou Harris and Don Williams’ version that takes it to a complete level that is new.

9. Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis, 1987

This is actually the “At final” of classic country wedding tracks. After all, can there be a song MORE designed for a very first party than this 1? It’s a small quick for me, therefore I would like to see just what it had been like in the event that you possessed a band perform it and slow the track down a little.

10. Glance at Us by Vince Gill, 1991

Look after all that we’ve been through/Look at us still leaning on each other/If you wanna see how true love should be then just look at us…Do lyrics to ANY song (country or not) get more perfect than this? at us after all these years together/Look at us!

11. Passionate Kisses by Lucinda Williams, 1988

This really is surely some of those very first party wedding tracks with a mindset, and we also love that. It’s gonna be means faster than your typical wedding track (it sort of makes me feel just like doing the Molly Ringwald Breakfast Club party), but once again, I would have them slow it down if you have a band. If you don’t, simply choose it!

These are Lucinda Williams i need to say that One thing About the Method We Talk could be certainly one of my top ten your favorite music ever, and something that we REALLY love for a dance song that is first.

12. There’s no real way by Alabama, 1985

It was Alabama’s sixteenth right number 1 hit, making them one of the more popular nation bands for the 80’s. It’s form of sappy, but really…what love song isn’t.

13. Kiss An Angel Good Morning by Charlie Pride, 1971

I’m a fan that is big of tracks with this particular tempo. I would personally certainly consider having a party course or two with this one…this track had been created for the two-step!

14. You’re constantly back at My Mind by Willie Nelson, 1982

We originally advised this track as a dad party wedding track, but i believe it may additionally work with a dance that is first, specially if your relationship has received a breakup in past times or downs and ups. It’s this kind of song that is sweet and might surely have your own meaning for the both of you.

15. We Enjoy It, I Really Like It by Tim McGraw, 1995

This track simply makes me smile. It is fun that is super could be a primary party track that you’ll positively never mail order brides forget. I might also think of welcoming visitors to make a group across the both of you from the party flooring and sing along when they understand it.


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